use OndraKoupil\Csob\Client, OndraKoupil\Csob\Config, OndraKoupil\Csob\Payment;

$con­fig = new Config(
“M1E3CB3404”, // ID obchodníka
“./wp-content/themes/bridge/ca/production/rsa_M1E3CB3404.key”, // Sou­kro­mý klíč obchodu
“./wp-content/themes/bridge/ca/mips_platebnibrana.csob.cz.pub”, // Veřej­ný klíč banky
“downtownsuites.cz”, // Název obchodu
“http://www.downtownsuites.cz.uvirt64.active24.cz/thanks”, // Návra­to­vá adresa
“https://api.platebnibrana.csob.cz/api/v1.5” // API

$cli­ent = new Client($config);
try {
} catch (Excep­ti­on $e) {
die(“Something went wrong: ” . $e->getMessage());
} finally {
$respon­se = $client->receiveReturningCustomer();
if ($response[“paymentStatus”] == 7 or $response[“paymentStatus”] == 4) {

$wp_session = WP_Session::get_instance();
wp_mail(‘t.velechovsky@staygroup.cz’, ‘Objed­náv­ka zapla­ce­na’, ‘Byla zapla­ce­na nová objed­náv­ka od ’ . $wp_session[’email’] . ‘.’);
wp_mail(‘info@www.downtownsuites.cz.uvirt64.active24.cz’, ‘Objed­náv­ka zapla­ce­na’, ‘Byla zapla­ce­na nová objed­náv­ka od ’ . $wp_session[’email’] . ‘.’);

wp_mail($wp_session[’email’], ‘Pay­ment received’, ’
Thank you for your payment.
We will con­tact by the e‑mail you indi­ca­ted with further details con­cer­ning transport.
If you have any ques­ti­ons or spe­cial needs, feel free to con­tact us at info@www.downtownsuites.cz.uvirt64.active24.cz

Best Regards

Tel. +420 778 523 600

echo “Plat­ba pro­běh­la, děku­je­me za nákup.”;

} else {
echo “”;

Thank you for your order!

We will be con­tacting you via email with details.

Transportation Package


Our dri­ver will be wai­ting for you out­si­de of the secu­red area of the arrival
ter­mi­nal at Vac­lav Havel Air­port Pra­gue 15 minu­tes after your lan­ded accor­ding to the offi­cial lan­ding infor­mati­on pro­vi­ded by the Air­port autho­ri­ties and will be wai­ting for 20 minu­tes maxi­mum. If your pla­in is dela­yed ple­a­se let us know
imme­di­a­te­ly to make sure we will pick you up later. Once pic­ked up, our dri­ver will take you direct­ly to your pre­ferred accpm­p­dati­on in Pra­gue city ceter.

Our dri­ver will pick you up at your pre­ferred accom­mo­dati­on in Pra­gue and take you back to the Vac­lav Havel Pra­gue Air­port. Ple­a­se note, that in the rush hour it can take more than 1 hour to get to the air­port and we recom­mend sche­du­ling your pick up at the hotel at least 3 hours befo­re your fli­ght departure.