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Transportation Package


Our dri­ver will be wai­ting for you out­si­de of the secu­red area of the arrival
ter­mi­nal at Vac­lav Havel Air­port Pra­gue 15 minu­tes after your lan­ded accor­ding to the offi­cial lan­ding infor­mati­on pro­vi­ded by the Air­port autho­ri­ties and will be wai­ting for 20 minu­tes maxi­mum. If your pla­in is dela­yed ple­a­se let us know
imme­di­a­te­ly to make sure we will pick you up later. Once pic­ked up, our dri­ver will take you direct­ly to your pre­ferred accpm­p­dati­on in Pra­gue city ceter.

Our dri­ver will pick you up at your pre­ferred accom­mo­dati­on in Pra­gue and take you back to the Vac­lav Havel Pra­gue Air­port. Ple­a­se note, that in the rush hour it can take more than 1 hour to get to the air­port and we recom­mend sche­du­ling your pick up at the hotel at least 3 hours befo­re your fli­ght departure.